Friday, April 13th- Daily Announcements

1.Gr. 5/6 Girls Basketball players, please return your jerseys to your coaches as soon as you can.  Thank you!

2. SCC Chocolates Sale- Please hand in your money and chocolates to the office if you still have them.  We need everything handed in so that we can close off our sale.  Thank you!

3. NHL Bracket Challenge- Today is the last day to turn in your bracket.  We have a large number of people participating which is fantastic!

4. Gr. 5 to 8 students or staff who wish to participate in an NBA Playoff Predictor/Bracket Challenge, you can pick up a bracket form outside Mr. Gartner’s classroom today.  Brackets must be filled out and returned to Mr. G by Monday as the NBA playoffs start tomorrow!

Happy Birthday: Krihschen B. (6), Elaena B. (2), Tyce E. (2) on the 14th: Avin D. (7), Rylan H. (5), Sierra R. (4), on the 15th: Jase B. (2), Tyson G. (2), Brooklyne L. (2)