Monday, April 23rd Announcements

Good Morning Mustangs,

Spring Dance coming up this Thursday. K-2 from 5:30-6:30 pm, Gr. 3-5 from 6:45-7:45 pm and Gr. 6-8 from 8:00-9:30 pm. We could still use some volunteers for the Gr. 6-8 portion of the dance, so please contact the school if you are able to help out.

Reminder to teachers and students that gym equipment from the gym is not to go outside at anytime.

Woodlands- please stay out of the woodlands and away from the fences that border our schoolyard. K-2 teachers, please discuss with your students.

How often do you think about the water that you use every day?  Did you know that in many countries water is not readily available?  844 million people lack access to basic drinking water services.  Women and girls can spend most of their days in walking to get water so that they have something to drink, cook with and bathe with.

Everyday this week, you will hear announcements about water.  On Friday, we are going to spend some time doing a water walk, so that you can experience what some women and girls have to do everyday.

We will be asking that you bring a $1 to support others in getting clean water.  For $25, one person will have clean water for life.  Let’s see how many people that we can support with clean water.

Have a great day!