Sleds and Crazy Carpets at School

As the snow starts to accumulate we have had opportunity to use our sliding hill a bit more in the past few weeks. We ask that students not bring sleds of any kind to school for use during Recess or Lunch. There are a number of reasons, one being that sleds are fast and take unsuspecting hill playing students out before they have a chance to get out of the way. Secondly, in the unstructured chaos of recess/lunch, students often will jump on/pile on an unsuspecting sled rider to join the fun but also quite often injure those on the sled. Students have been having a blast on the hill without the sleds and we hope to keep this fun going. This being said your son/daughter may come home and say they are asked to bring their sled the next day. This would be for an individual class or grade going out during the school day during phys ed or energizer break to enjoy the hill. This is fine as it is more organized and structured than the unstructured recess/lunch breaks.

Thanks for your cooperation and Seasons Greetings to All.