Martensville Community Plan Survey

Good afternoon,

As you may have seen in both the Martensville Messenger and the Clark’s Crossing Gazette, or on Facebook, the City, in conjunction with V3, is undertaking a review of the Official Community Plan.  As one of the first steps, we are looking for residents, service groups, and business owners to share their knowledge of the City by filling out a survey.  The basic open ended questions will assist the development of the Official Community Plan update.  The last time this type of engagement occurred was 2008.  A lot has happened since then and policies that worked back then may not work today.  An Official Community Plan guides land use, subdivisions, municipal services and public utilities.  Translation:  a set of policies guiding development that influences our daily lives:  where are parks, amenities, businesses located, types of housing available, transportation options, walkability, etc. 

Attached, you will find the survey.  You don’t have to answer every question but the more that are answered, the more well rounded the outcome will be.  Friday, December 13th is the last day to fill out and submit the survey.  You can either email the survey (follow the prompt at the end to send directly to V3) or print it and drop it off at City Hall, attention Bonnie.  If the attachment does not open, it is also available at www.martensville.ca on the main page.

After Friday, the Consultants at V3 will put together a What we Heard Document including a section on how your specific survey answers guide the upcoming Bylaw Amendment pieces.  From here, there will be additional opportunities for engagement and consultation.  The project is due to be completed in June of 2020.  If you are not able to participate at this stage of the project but still want to receive, please let us know and we can keep you on the list for future stages.   

Thank you for your time to fill out the survey. Martensville Community Plan Survey