Kindergarten to Grade 2 Playground

As you may have heard or seen our Kindergarten to Grade 2 playground located on the south side of the school has been fenced off/closed as of last Friday.  Unfortunately with the extreme cold there was a break in the water line that supplies the fire hydrant located behind our Gr. 2 classrooms.  The water released from this line has transformed the playground into a scene straight out of Frozen or Frozen 2 (with/without the singing) into an icy mess.   We wanted to “Let it Go” but we do not think we have enough bandaids to hand out to students who may fall while playing.  Therefore, “For the First Time in Forever” we have had to close this playground for the foreseeable future to ensure safety for all.  Unfortunately, “Some things never change” like the weather this week and it’s going to be -40 with the windchill so there won’t be a lot of playing going on.  We will come up with a plan with staff to ensure students in Kindergarten to Grade 2 aren’t going “Into the Unknown” and will have a safe, fun place to play or ask their friend “Do you want to build a snowman?” once the weather warms up enough to get back outside. 

Stay warm everyone!

Mr. Cox and Mr. Harrison