Friday, January 17th Announcements

Good Morning Mustangs and welcome to a much warmer Friday!

A reminder to students that gum and sunflower seeds are not allowed in the school and please refrain from eating in the hallways. Thank you for doing your part in helping keep our school clean!

Congratulations to the Grade 8 Girls Basketball team on their win against Venture Heights yesterday.

Congratulations to the Grade 7/8 Boys Basketball team on your great performance against Venture Heights yesterday. Reminder that we have a game against Venture at Venture on Monday after school. Please arrange transportation for yourself to get over there.

Grade 5 Girls Basketball practice after first bell at lunch today.

No practice for Grade 5/6 Boys after school today – your practice has been changed to Monday after school.

Indoor track practice Monday after school at the MAP. Please meet in the front foyer at 3:00 and make sure you have your permission slips signed.

For anyone who is in both indoor track and plays on the Grade 5/6 Boys basketball team, we would ask that you attend the track practice as you have an upcoming meet that you should be getting some practice time in for.

Birthdays today – Logan K (2), Ryder M (7), Jessica M (6), Sharon M (7), and Desmond S (K). On the 18th – Frenchesca A (1) and Oden G (4), and on the 19th – Avery S (3) and Braden T (7).

Have a great day!