Physical Literacy Assessment Results from 2018-2019

Last School Year (2018-2019) our school participated in a Physical Literacy Assessment with the College of Kinesiology and In-Motion Saskatchewan. This project worked with students, staff and families to measure the Physical Literacy (motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life).

The 128 students who received parent permission to participate were asked to participate in the Playfun Assessment– which measured students in 18 fundamental skills/tasks to see how competent they are on those movements.  Students also completed A Playself questionnaire that students completed about their Self-Perceived Physical Literacy. 

89 Parents returned a Playparent questionnaire that parents completed about their perceptions of their child’s physical literacy. 

14 of our teachers who taught Phys. Ed last year completed a Playcoach questionnaire that our teachers completed about their perceptions of their students physical literacy

All the assessments/questionnaires were scored on a scale of 0 to 100

2018-2019 Results

Assessment Fall 2018 Spring 2019
PlayFun 47%-Emerging 54%-competent

Baseline measurement in the fall for average motor competence was 47, which means on average students fell within the emerging category, and were still developing many of the skills.  At the post measurement in May average competence was 54.  This means that by the end of the year, students who fell within the competent category have acquired many of the skills. 

Assessment                              Fall 2018                                  Spring 2019

Playself 70%-Competent 72%-Competent

When comparing the Playself to the Playfun we see that our students believe they are more competent in terms of motivation and confidence than the results show in the Playfun (23% more in Fall, 18% more in Spring)

Assessment                          Fall 2018                                  Spring 2019

Playparent 81%-Proficient 83%-Proficient

The Playparent measured the parent perceptions of their own child’s physical Literacy.  What we notice comparing Playparent to the Playfun or Playself assessment is that Parents see their child’s physical literacy as proficient when the child sees themselves as competent (Playself) or emerging-competent (Playfun).

Assessment                            Fall 2018                                  Spring 2019

Playcoach 58%-Competent 60%-Competent

The Playcoach measured the teacher’s perceptions of Physical Literacy for those students who participated.  The results show that teacher’s perceptions are in between what students can actually do (Playfun) and what students believe they can do (Playself) related to physical literacy.

Of the 18 Skills Assessed in the Playfun Assessment the Top 2 skills were:


  1. Hand Dribbling (Basketball)
  2. Striking with a stick/bat (Batting a ball off a tee)


  1. Hand Dribbling (Basketball)
  2. Lift and Lower (Lift ball off of ground, over your head and lower back to the ground, measures body control).

The Bottom 2 skills were:


17. Jumping

18. Hopping  (Students were confused as to what was considered jumping and hopping.  Jumping is taking off on 2 feet.  Hopping is taking off of 1 foot.)


17. Foot Dribble (Soccer)

18. Hopping (Students were confused as to what was considered jumping and hopping.  Jumping is taking off on 2 feet.  Hopping is taking off of 1 foot.)