At Home Learning Time Recommendations

Parents, Students, and Guardians,

A quick message to show our support to you during this opportunity for families to be together. This week you have started having teachers and staff touch base and send some learning opportunities home to you. We do this to encourage on-going learning  and to provide direction of that learning. Remember to “bite off” as much as you can chew at this time.   We are suggesting you try to follow approximately the time recommendations outlined here, Kgn – Gr 3 kids – 45 min a day, Gr 4- Gr 6 kids – 1 hr a day, and Gr 7-8 kids about 1 ½ hrs a day. These are just recommendations. If you reach the goal of time worked…. Celebrate. If you reach the goal of one task completed…. Celebrate. If today wasn’t a day for school work….then give yourself a pass. Tomorrow is another day….to Celebrate.

We’re Here

We Care

Stay Safe!

Garth Harrison/ Michael Cox

VMS Admin