Thursday, April 9th

Good Morning Mustangs!

Today is Rainbow Day! Share your rainbow outfits with us on Facebook or Twitter. We have loved seeing all the pictures you’ve been sharing this week!

Easter Break Birthdays: 11th- Westyn E (K), 12th- Vayda P (3), Zoey P (1), Lucas R (1), Alexis S (7), Erin S (7), Leontina S (K), 13th- Elaena B (4), Tyce E (8), 14th- Rylan H (7), Sierra R (6), 15th- Jase B (4), Kody B (1), Mason B (1), Kade B (1), Tyson G (4), Suri G (1), Brooklyne L (4), 16th- Jeremy D (1), Ryan D (1), Teagan M (1), Yug (Jay) P (8), 17th- Tyson J (6), Aaron T (8), 18th- Matthew A (1), Simarra F (5), 19th- Avery S (2).

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Easter!