August 18, 2020 Message to Parents

We hope you are enjoying your summer and everyone has taken some time to enjoy the warmer weather that August has brought us.

Just a quick note from Mr Cox and I regarding the upcoming school year. We are receiving updates and directives from our school division and the Ministry daily. Although this is to be our time away from work the job at hand is just too big and important not to begin the planning process now. Below you will find some information regarding the upcoming year and some not so typical school supplies that your child will need. It is by no means a comprehensive list of all things you will need to know or want to know before sending your child to school this year but are some things that you can start to think about.

The initial plan, as of today, is for all students, Gr 1 to 8 to return to school September 8th for in person learning. The directive from Prairie Spirit School Division is that students in Grades 4- 8 are required to wear masks during the school day when social distancing is not an option. Staff will be following these same guidelines. Students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 are encouraged to wear a mask but at this time it is not mandatory. It will certainly be beneficial for your child to have had some practice wearing the mask so that they get used to the feeling of having it on.

Secondly, students are encouraged to bring their own forms of personal hand sanitizer. We will have hand sanitizing stations set up in the school but students also having their own is being suggested.

Thirdly, we are working on drop off and pick up plans for students as well as some options for staggered recess to minimize students contact both in the halls and on the playground.

Fourthly, we would ask that, where and when possible, parents make a plan for students to go home during the lunch break. Our non-structured times will be a challenge to coordinate and supervise and students getting a break away from the structure and masks will be good for them as well.

Premier Moe has also announced that schools are to share their return to school plans with parents on or around August 26th so watch for more details at that time regarding distance learning/online learning and or safety measures being put in place.

Lastly we want to reassure you that we will be working and planning, making use of the best and latest information available to us. We have a big school and a large population but over the years we have faced many challenges and in the end succeeded in providing a positive learning environment for all. We will remain Valley Manor Strong because we are Better Together.

Mr. Garth Harrison – Principal / Mr. Michael Cox – Vice Principal