Safe School Plan- Parent Friendly Edition

Our apologies, we intended to share this condensed copy of the Safe School Plan as well.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As promised, below is our up to date school plan. Please do not be overwhelmed by the size but do take the time to familiarize yourself and child(ren) with its contents.

Our goal is to impress upon you that we are working, to the best of our ability and with the resources provided, to set up a safe learning environment for both staff and students. Though our teaching styles and procedures may have to change, our ultimate goal of providing a quality education for your/our children has not.

Over the first few days of school, students will once again familiarize themselves with school protocols and be introduced to our new procedures. Secondly, teachers will be introducing/reacquainting students with the technology they will need both for in class use and for home use in the case where some blended learning may occur (ie. child home from school but still able to follow class assignments etc). Thirdly, teachers will work with students to continue to build the caring culture and environment that VMS is known for and that we see as vital to a healthy school.

We look forward to seeing the students return and moving forward as a school and community. The theme we will be following this year is BETTER TOGETHER as we truly believe we can properly and safely guide our way through the 2020/2021 school year.

At this time we understand that there will be some nervousness about sending your kids back in to the classroom. We get that…and it’s ok. It’s our hope that reading through this plan will alleviate some of those concerns. If, after having read through the plan, you still feel that you would like to educate from home, please email us at vms@spiritsd.ca and let us know. We will get back to you regarding the possibilities of at home learning that are being provided by Prairie Spirit.

Thanks for your time and Welcome Back !

Better Together

Garth Harrison