Monday, September 14th Announcements

Good Morning Mustangs! Welcome to your first full week of school! It’s so great to have everyone together.

We’d like to remind parents that the bus bay is to be used only for buses and our special education students. Parents are not to use the bus bay for dropping off students.

All students must enter the school using their pre-assigned door. If students are arriving after the bell time, they are to enter the school via the main doors to check in at the office.

Happy Birthday today to Kipptyn R (5) and Kobe P (4).

We’d also like to take a moment to acknowledge all of the September birthdays up to today, so Happy Belated Birthday to:

September 1 – Joseph L (3) and Atley U (6)
September 2 – Logan P (K)
September 4 – Wayne B (8) and Ella L (6)
September 5 – Cohen B (1), Sophia J (1), Teigan K (5) and Kasey M (7)
September 7 – Carter H (5) and Calder M (3)
September 8 – Addison Y (3)
September 9 – Alyssa H (4)
September 10 – Ethan F (8) and Noah K (1)
September 11 – Liam N (3)
September 12 – Madisyn K (K)
September 13 – Logan H (7) and Mason R (1)

Have a great day!