The Black and White of Students Being Sent Home with Covid Symptoms

To clarify with parents surrounding our School Division’s protocol regarding students being sent home with Covid symptoms in a no nonsense format:

  • If a student is identified as having symptoms, including allergy symptoms, that are common with Covid, we are obligated to contact the parents and have them come and pick up their child. We will give you instructions to call 811 and follow their directions regarding quarantine, isolation or testing.
  • The policy also states that the child is not to return to school until they are symptom free for 48 hrs. For example, if a child is sent home Monday morning, the earliest that student could return would be Thursday and that is assuming they are symptom free as of Tuesday morning.

I know it sucks…. But please understand that we have 640 staff and students that we are responsible for and we are directed to follow Sask Health’s Guidelines.We ask for your understanding during these unusual times and hope for some less strict guidelines when our provincial numbers start to drop.

Thank you for your time.

Garth Harrison
Valley Manor Elementary