Thursday, Sept 24th Announcments

Good Morning Mustangs!

Thank you again to our gr. 5-8 students for using the walking paths instead of the staff parking lot to get to the rear of the school. Much appreciated!

Reminder to make sure if you are visiting with friends on the playground to be standing an adult hockey stick away from your friend or, if you are closer, to make sure you have a mask on.

Reminder to parents: when you call/email absences, please make sure to let us know why your student will be away. It is very important that we are accurately tracking illness at this time. Additionally, if your student will be away for more than two days, please contact the classroom teacher by email (addresses found here) to have them set aside or email work to be completed at home.

Birthdays: Gavin N (2) and Mya M (K)

Have a great day!