Friday, November 20th Announcements

Good Morning Mustangs!

Happy Positivity Day! We encourage everyone to look for the positives in their world today! It’s easy to fall into that fall/winter/Covid funk but let’s all step back and think of at least one thing we are grateful for today.

Photo proofs have arrived! Please place your orders online if possible. Retakes are scheduled for Thursday, November 26th. Any students requiring retakes are asked to bring their photo proofs with them. If there are any Kindergarten students requiring retakes, they can be brought to the school between 9:00 and 11:00am on Thursday. Please bring them to the front doors and a staff member will bring them to the gym.

Friday Fundscrip reminder – get your orders in by December 11th for delivery before Christmas.

Parents – we have noticed an increase in traffic in our staff parking lots. We kindly ask that our staff parking lots are not used for student pickup and/or drop offs. We are very lucky to have a great partnership with the church beside us and they are happy to allow parents to use their parking lot for pickup and drop offs. Thank you for your cooperation!

Birthdays: November 20 – Lincoln R (K), Bentley S (4) November 21 – Alyssa B (K), Ava M (8), Rory R (3) November 22 – Ryan W (5)

Have a great weekend!