Virtual Mental Health Counsellor

As an additional resource during these complex times, Prairie Spirit has added a full-time Virtual Mental Health Counsellor who is available to support students and families across our Division. This support is in addition to the school-based counsellors available at every Prairie Spirit school.

Virtual supports can include general consultation and inquiries, accessing resources, and/or short-term counselling for registered Prairie Spirit students. Virtual counselling support may be offered via telephone or video-conferencing technologies and, in most situations, is focused on issues that impact students during their school day.

The Virtual Mental Health Counsellor is available Monday to Friday during school hours until June 29, by appointment.

When the needs of a student are deemed to require longer term counselling, or involve issues not impacting the student at school, the Virtual Mental Health Counsellor will work with the student and their family to access community mental health services.

To request an appointment with the counsellor, parents are encouraged to call or text (306) 371-4214 or email virtualMH@spiritsd.ca with the student’s full name.