Thursday, October 7th Announcements

Good Morning Mustangs!

School Photos are happening today for our K2 class as well as grades 2, 4, 6 and 8.

Grade 1-8 Parent Teacher Interviews continue tonight. You can book your interview here.

Healthy Hunger lunch orders need to be entered by today for both groups (Thursday/Friday) for next weeks lunches.

Mr. Harrison’s Jokes of the Day:
1. Why shouldn’t you write with a broken pencil? Because it is pointless!
2. What lights up a soccer stadium? A Soccer Match!
3. What’s the difference between the bird flu and the swine flu? One requires tweetment and the other an oinkment!

Birthdays: 7th- Miss Saini (4WE), 8th- Charlie H (1), 9th- Gian A (8), Myles L (8), 11th- Aubrey E (3)

NO SCHOOL tomorrow or Monday, enjoy your extra long weekend!