Thursday, October 21st Announcements

Good Morning Mustangs!

Tomorrow is Career Day at VMS. Thank you to our grade two classes for setting this month’s spirit theme. This is your chance to dress up as any career or job you would like!

A reminder for all students to dress for the cooler weather in the and morning and now throughout the days, as the weather is getting colder.

Mr. Cox’s Jokes of the Day:
1. What is a vampire’s favorite holiday? Fangs-giving!
2. What do near sighted ghosts wear? Spook-tackles!
3. Where does Count Dracula eat his lunch? In the Casketeria!
4. What do you call 2 witches living in the same house? Broomates!
5. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Ghost. Ghost Who? Ghost see who’s at the door!

Birthdays: Tanner D (5), Bostyn M (5)

Have a great day!