Friday, May 6th Announcements

Good morning Mustangs and Happy Friday! A little rain to start our morning which is welcomed as it will make the grass greener and the leaves pop out! It looks like it should be another beautiful day later on today!

Yesterday was fantastic to be outside! Thank you to everyone for their efforts cleaning up our school yard. Let’s all do our part to keep it looking clean by using the garbage cans that are on the school yard.

Mr. Harrison’s Jokes of the Day:
1. What kind of bird was picked up by the police?…..A robber ducky!
2. What kind of bird doesn’t need a comb?…..A bald eagle!
3. What did the bird do when he stopped flying mid-flight?…..He pulled his sparrow-cute!

May 6 – Jaxon D (6), Mac H (1)
May 7 – Myroslava A (7), Hunter M (3), Kadyn M (6), Oskar S (6)
May 8 – Evan A (8)

Have a great weekend and be sure to spoil all the mom’s in your lives!