Wednesday, June 8th Announcements

Good Morning Mustangs!

Our Pride Buttons have arrived at VMS early! We have ordered enough buttons for all staff/students and donations are optional, but appreciated. All funds collected will be donated to OUTSaskatoon. Thanks everyone for your support!

Friday is Rainbow Day at VMS, so wear your rainbow!

Gr. 4-6 track students, there will be a short meeting in the library at 11:50.

Mr. Harrison’s Jokes of the Day:
1. What type of cars do monsters drive in? Fer-roar-iis!!
2. Did you hear about the guy who was thinking about going on an all almond diet? But that’s just nuts!
3. I bought a wooden car last week. Wooden engine, wooden doors, wooden wheels. Put the wooden key in the wooden ignition….wooden start!

Have a great day…15 more days of classes!