Thursday, June 9th Announcements

Good Morning (almost afternoon) Mustangs!

It was a busy start to our day with the Tri-V Track Meet bringing together four different schools of participants today. Good Luck Everyone!

We welcome the Hoop Dancer, Lawrence Roy today, who is presenting to several classes in the library.

Tomorrow is Rainbow Day at VMS, so wear your favorite rainbow clothing!

Last GSA Meeting of the school year tomorrow at lunch in the library.

Mr. Harrison’s Jokes of the Day:
1. Did you hear about the guy that got fired from the calendar factory? He tried to take a day off!
2. What does the invisible man have in the middle of his face? Nobody nose!
3. Did you hear about the girl that ate $100 bills? She has very expensive tastes!

Birthdays: Corte D (4)

Have a great day!