Classroom Placements

Each June, Valley Manor School staff engages in an exhaustive process of creating class lists for the following school year. Our goal is to place students in a setting that is appropriate for each child individually and for the group as a whole. The final placement of a child is a school-based decision that is made using, for example, some of the following criteria:

When grouping students for a new school year, we consider many factors including:

  • Academic needs
  • Social needs (individual and group)
  • Academic diversity of the group
  • Special needs
  • Additional classroom assistance (EA Support)
  • Independence / dependence
  • Role models
  • Positive / negative student relationships
  • Balance of males to females
  • Consultation with other staff involved (resource teacher, consultants, etc.)
  • Receiving teachers

Due to the complexities of placing students in classes, decisions are considered complete and final by the time report cards go home. Students will be made aware of who their homeroom teacher is when they receive their June report card.