Friday, June 17th Announcements

Good Morning Mustangs!

Grade One Spirit Day today- Canada Pride! We are seeing tons of red and white and are loving the energy!

We are still looking for many school jerseys. If you have one in your locker, backpack or at home please bring it back as soon as you can. Thank you!

Mr. Harrison’s Jokes of the Day:
1. What did the frog order at McDonalds? French Flies and a Diet Croak!
2. What is faster- hot or cold? Hot- because everyone catches a cold!
3. What is a duck’s favorite snack? Quackers!

Birthdays: 17th- Maddox S (8), Kaspar S (8), 18th- Anthony M (4), 19th- Andie N (2), Mason N (4), Ryder R (8), McKinley S (7)

Have a great day and stay safe in the sun!