Tuesday, June 21st Announcements

Good morning Mustangs!

Reminder to please return any school jerseys you may have to the office and school library books to your classroom teacher.

Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day. Today we celebrate the first peoples of Canada and the shared life we have. Thank you to our teachers for arranging to have the Stobart Drummers in as well as Lawrence Roy, the wonderful hoop dancer over the past couple weeks. We, as a school and community do better when we know better.

Mr. Harrison’s Jokes of the Day:
1. What did the ocean say to the lifeguard?…..Nothing, it just waved.
2. Where did the cow go for summer vacation?…..To the moooooovie theatre.
3. Why are mountains the funniest place to go on summer vacation?…..Because they are hill-arious.

Happy Birthday to Ms. Brady and Katie R (7) today!

Continuing with our July Birthdays:
July 10 – Brooklyn J (6)
July 11 – Owen C (5), Callen F (5)
July 13 – Alexis L (6), Colby P (1)
July 14 – Brielle M (5)
July 15 – Lukas A (6), Kyuss B (7), Gracie W (6)
July 16 – Molly R (5), Haidyn V (6)
July 17 – Alex F (7), Owen G (2)
July 18 – Kinzie B (1)
July 19 – Andy T (4)