Edsby Attendance/ Bus Students

When entering absences using Edsby, please note the following:
– Our school day runs from 8:45 am- 3:03pm.
– Morning classes are 8:45 am- 12:00 pm and afternoon classes are 12:48 pm- 3:03 pm.
– Please use ‘ABSENT TODAY’ if you are clearing your student for the full day
– Please use ‘PLAN AN ABSENCE’ if you need to select specific times that your student will be away
Using these options correctly with decrease the amount of entries the school has to deny or adjust.

Bus Students
-Now that weather is getting colder, parents please make sure you have the ‘MyStop’ app downloaded on your phone. If you don’t recall your sign in information, please email the office at vms@spiritsd.ca.
-Bus information can also be found daily here: https://www.spiritsd.ca/buses/.
– We do our best to provide our VMS families with information in a timely manner, but these two options will always have the most up to date information first.