Contact/ Social Media Accounts

Mailing Address: Box 10, Martensville, SK  S0K 2T0

Telephone: (306) 931-2233



Attendance – If your child is ill please call before 9:00 am or send us an email to  It is also a good idea to Cc: the home room teacher.

General email inquires can be sent to

Communication Protocol for Parents/Guardians

Please note that best practice and our school division communications protocol directs individuals to first contact the individual with which they have a question or concern (See our Parent Handbook on the Resources page for more information).

Please do your part to protect instructional time. Please do not telephone to speak to staff or students during instructional hours (8:45-12:00 & 12:48-3:00) unless an emergency exists. We would be happy to take a message and have the person you are trying to reach call you back at the next break.

Facebook: Valley Manor School

Twitter: @manor_valley

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