• Monday April 13

Read: Step into My Shoes Narrative – Pick a pair of shoes in your house.
They can be anyone’s shoes! Describe them vividly and give them
a day in the life – before social distancing. Where are they going?
What are they doing and feeling?

Count: The average of six numbers is 4. A seventh is added and the new
average is 5. Find the seventh number.

Move: Go for a walk, bike ride, jog and identify at least 10 things/markers
to track your route. It’s like a scavenger hunt on the go!

  • Tuesday April 14

Read: Look up the origin of your name. What is its etymology? If you
could rename yourself, rebranding if you will, what would you
choose? Explain your choice.

Count: In trail mix, the ratio of cups of peanuts to cups of chocolate
candies is 3 to 2. How many cups of chocolate candies would be
needed for 9 cups of peanuts?

Move: Trash can Basketball – Use recycled paper or newspaper and a
clean bin. Take 100 shots with your ball of paper and track how
many you make. It’s your own March Madness in April!

  • Wednesday April 15

Read: What’s on your playlist? You have 5 songs that represent your life.
Write down what they are and justify why you would choose these
songs as your theme songs. Create this playlist.

Count: Write an expression to represent the situation. The skating
rink charges $100 to reserve and then $5 per person. Write an
expression to represent the cost for any number of people.

Move: Today is the day for physical or scientific pranks – can you pull off
a funny, safe prank in your house before noon?

  • Thursday April 16

Read: What is your favourite childhood story? Is it a familiar one? If so,
what makes it a familiar story? Create your own version by giving
an oral retell to someone. Maybe you want to change the setting or
add a twist!

Count: A figure resembling a spiral is shown with 35 match sticks. Move 4 matchsticks to form 3 squares.

Move: Find at least three songs of your choice which have varying tempos
(pace or speed). Run, jog, skip, walk to the music. You might find
some songs are great for running along with.

  • Friday April 17

Read: Public Service Announcement – Create and perform a 30 second
PSA that the world needs to hear right now. Record it and send it to me via email.

Count: List all the factors of 48. List all the factors of 64. What are the
common factors of 48 and 64? What is the greatest common factor
of 48 and 64?

Move: Create a yoga routine for relaxation. You may want to look up
some poses such as child’s pose, hero’s pose, bridge, upward &
downward dog.