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Thursday, September 3rd

What Happens When a Child Is Ill at School?

Wednesday, August 26th



With the recent updates from the Ministry of Education and Prairie Spirit School Division, Waldheim School is currently working on their Return to School plan. As details continue to come together, information will be shared out. Please keep an eye on this website for updates.


Premier Moe has just announced that students will NOT START SCHOOL UNTIL TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8TH. Please keep an eye open for e-mails from PSSD.

Recess & Noon Hour Thoughts (Aug. 14)

On Friday, Aug. 14th, we received some updates that will help us with our planning. One number we received was 60, that being the maximum number of people we will be allowed to have in a group outside for recess unless we can safely distance groups of students as to not exceed that maximum number. With our current elementary population, we will be in very good shape to safely allow our students to enjoy recess with their classmates. The current plan is to have three recess breaks in the morning where kids will be allowed to play on the play structures or on the field. We will be coming up with a safe, fair rotation for our kids. This will also apply to our noon hour break as well. There will be more information coming out as it relates to the who, when, where of recess and noon hour to help you coordinate your day with your kids.

Extra-cur Activities on Hold (Aug. 14)

As of Friday, Aug. 14, all extra-curricular activities (games & practices) are “on hold” until further notice. The PSSD athletic directors (Mr. Reis is our rep) are scheduled to meet on September 3rd. There will likely be updates from that meeting.

Timeline Information:

  • Friday, August 14th – Mr. Mellesmoen & Mr. Reis meeting with division leadership team and other PSSD administrators to receive more information.
  • Wednesday, August 19th – Mr. Mellesmoen & Mr. Reis meeting with division leadership team and other PSSD administrators to receive the school re-opening planning template
  • Monday, August 24th – Waldheim School Re-opening Plan due to PSSD for review and feedback
  • Wednesday, August 27th – Waldheim School Re-opening Plan shared with parents no later than 3 pm.

Additional guidelines for schools (August 12):
The Minister of Education and the Chief Medical Health Officer have provided additional guidelines to school divisions. It is recommended that school divisions consider moving to Level 2 of the government’s Saskatchewan Safe Schools Plan, which includes masks in schools.
The Prairie Spirit Board of Education and senior leadership team have decided to move to Level 2 in the Division’s planning for a safe return to school. As a result, masks will be required for students in Grades 4 through 12 where physical distancing is not possible (e.g. hallways and buses). Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3 students are encouraged to wear masks.
Prairie Spirit staff members will be expected to wear masks when social distancing is not possible.
As we plan for the return to school, the safety of our students and staff continues to be our primary concern. We will continue to closely follow the guidelines provided by the provincial government and the Chief Medical Health Officer. We will be providing more information for Prairie Spirit staff throughout August.

Government of Saskatchewan media release – Saskatchewan Safe Schools Plan (August 4, 2020)


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