Cold Weather Policy

At Waldheim School our K to 6 students will be asked to head outside to play during the day, either for their morning 15-minute break, or at noon for their 20-minute break.

Students are expected to come to school with the appropriate clothing for outside play. This should include a warm coat, something for their head and ears, something for their hands, warm boots, and ski-pants for those really cold and snowy days. It’s always a good idea to label your child’s belongings with their initials and grade (i.e. my son Charlie’s stuff is labelled CM 2R).

For the younger students, please practice putting on your winter gear. We want students to be independent, but that does not mean we won’t help a student in need.

Indoor Recesses: if the temperature falls below -28 degrees Celsius (with the wind chill) we will be keeping our students inside. We use the Saskatoon temperature listed on the Environment Canada Web App for consistency. There will be times when teachers take kids out for quick body breaks, however no students will be forced to go outside if it is an ‘indoor recess’ day. During indoor recess, teachers may show school appropriate videos (i.e. Magic School Bus, Curious George, Veggie Tales, etc.) while students have a snack and do a quiet activity at their desk. Unfortunately, due to our enrollment from K to 12, access to the gym for our elementary students during indoor recesses is not an option at this time.

Bus Cancellations: Waldheim School does not determine whether buses will run or not during the day. This is a decision made by the division and information is available at:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the school (306) 945-2211

Mr. M.

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