2019 Graduation Ceremony Participation Timeline

We believe is it important to clarify and share the following timeline:

  • An initial graduation list will be compiled on April 15. This will be posted at the Career Office for students to double check and inform us of any possible mistakes or errors. They also have the opportunity to ask questions for clarification at this time.
  • Administration will individually meet with each student not on track to graduate during the week of April 15. Our goal is to support their learning and also clarify for them the impact of failing required classes.
  • Administration will send home a letter to the parents of each student failing a required class on Monday, April 15.
  • In order for students to be added back to the graduation list (meaning able to participate in the graduation ceremonies), they must have all required classes above 40% by Friday, May 17. This number has been selected as it would be possible for them to pass the course with a good showing on the final exam.
  • Any grade 12 students that have not met this base requirement will be informed by administration and a letter will be sent to the parents by May 22 (5 weeks prior to graduation.) This timeline has been selected so families have time to adjust their plans accordingly.

We invite you to login and examine students’ grades as well as attendance on PowerSchool. Remember that it is updated regularly to allow you to better track their progress. Please contact the office if you have any problems accessing PowerSchool.

Feel free to contact us at the school if you have any further questions or would like to meet and discuss this matter further. Teachers are also available for quick responses via email.