Subway Lunch on Track Days

Kindergarten – Grade 5 Subway Lunch on Track and Field Days

** this is a new lunch added **


We are going to be placing the orders through Healthy Hunger again for this hot lunch.  Please proceed to the Health Hunger website ( and enter your account to place your order.   If you are new and have not created an account click the green Learn more button under Parents and then signup a free account.


Please note that this is a new lunch added so if you pre ordered all your lunches at the beginning of the year this one would not have been included and you will have to go in and order this lunch.  When you go to order the lunches for your child(ren) please ensure that you order on the correct date that your child(rens) grade is having a hot lunch.  Any orders that are made for the incorrect date will be deleted and a refund will be made.

The Subway lunches for each grade is as follows:


June 3 – Grade 1

June 4 – Grade 2

June 5 – Grade 4 and Kindergarten A

June 6 – Grade 3 and Kindergarten B

June 7 – Grade 5

Deadline to order for the above lunches is May 28, 2019

The cost varies based on the size of the sub you order.  We now have 12-inch subs available.  Orders will include a bag of chips and a juice box.  At the end of your order there will be an additional processing fee.


If you mistakenly order a sub for a student that is NOT on the correct day as per above your order will be deleted (and your money refunded).


Subs are ordered in advance; late orders cannot be accepted after May 28th.  Nutritional Guide available upon request.


If you have any questions about the lunch, please contact Denaye Merz at  You can also call Healthy Hunger if you have any questions about the site at 1-800-818-6260.


All proceeds will be going to the SCC Initiatives

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