Severe Weather Policy

In School

All children should always come to school with proper cold weather attire.  When the temperature with wind-chill factor falls between -27 and -30 degrees Celsius, children will be expected to spend a shorter recess outside.  When the wind chill factor is minus 31 degrees Celsius or colder, students will not be going outside.

Determining if the children will be going outside for recess or at lunch break is decided by the in-school administration just prior to each recess break using the Government of Canada Weather web page information or calling the automated weather number at 306-975-4266.

To help us better manage our call volume at the school on cold days, rather than calling the school to inquire about whether or not students will be going outside for recess we would ask that parents go to the above listed web page or call the automated Weather Office number, as that is the information that will used to determine if students will be going outside for breaks.