Regular attendance by all students is expected, as well as being on time for school.  Being punctual is a life-long skill and should be developed early.  When students habitually arrive late to school it is a disruption, and teachers are unable to begin the daily routine for the entire class. Students who arrive at school after the bell has rung are expected to report to the office before proceeding to their classroom so their Absence status can be changed to a Late status.

If a student will be absent or late, parents are requested to call the school office before 8:30 a.m. to give the office staff time to pass on the information to the teachers before class attendance is taken. Please do not email absences directly to the teacher’s email address. Should the teacher be away, substitute teachers do not have access to the teacher’s email. We have a Voicemail option (306-933-2066) where messages can be left at any time.

If students are not in their classroom at 9:00 a.m. when attendance is taken and the teacher doesn’t know where they are, they are concerned for their safety. The office staff are notified to make a courtesy call to ensure the student’s safety, however it is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to notify the school of their child’s absence.  Please consider that it is much easier for parents to contact the school than it is for the school to track down parents.

It is best to call the school each day a child is absent, particularly in the case of illnesses lasting more than a day. It is also necessary to notify the school that your child is absent due to their bus not running.