The safety of our students at Warman Elementary is imperative.  Therefore we ask that families pay special attention when dropping off and picking up their children.  The area across the street from the school on the north side of the fence is designated for parking.  Children in this area must walk between the fence and the cement parking barriers, not behind vehicles.  The drive in lane west of the school is for pick up and drop off only. Vehicles stopping there must not be left unattended between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on school days.  The bus zone and staff parking lot cannot be used for student  pick up or drop off, and designated NO PARKING areas must be adhered to, both for safety reasons and to allow bus drivers and staff to enter and exit the two areas without incident. Under no circumstances is the back alley east of the school to be used for parking. It needs to always be completely clear for emergency vehicles and residents.

There is a handicap/emergency parking spot on the street, west of the school that is used daily.  We ask that parents make sure this stays open and available at all times. As well, following the posted speed limit gives drivers time to react in an appropriate fashion when faced with unexpected situations.  We appreciate your cooperation with helping our traffic run safely and smoothly.