Finding Pics


Finding and using COPYRIGHT FREE images from the internet is very important. A picture is someone’s personal property and just like a new invention, an idea or a story, the person who creates it owns it and can decide who can use it, when and for what! If you use it without permission, you are stealing. It is the same as taking somebody’s bike or iPod (without asking) and pretending it was yours.

Most pictures found on Google Images are copyrighted. That means, they belong to someone, and they cannot legally be used without permission.

There are a number of a places to find pictures people have posted and will allow you to use by simply providing ATTRIBUTION. Attribution means that you will tell others who the owner is and where they can find the picture.
How can you tell if you can use a picture? If you can use a picture, it will have a “cc” symbol like you see below. A symbol like you see below means you can use it, but sometimes there are certain conditions. For example, you cannot change it (example: Photoshop it) or you cannot use it for anything for which you will make money. If you are unsure, always ask!!
external image 88x31.png Attribution CC BY This license will allow you to use the picture as long as you give the name of the creator and a link for the picture.       Adapted from Creative Commons

Where can you search for pictures that you are able to use? Some of the top sites are listed below.

Flickr CC Blue Mountain – lots of pictures and an easy to use site

Coolscapes – Courtney Milne’s best landscapes of SK provided for you by Courtney Milne and SaskTel.

Pics4Learning – specifically designed for educators and students.

Gimp Savvy – photos are from NASA (National Aeronautics Space Administration), NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and FWS ( U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Free Foto – over a million images

Free Stock Images – millions of images, but you cannot use more than 10 from this site in any one project.

Morgue Files – some photos on this site do not require attribution. Check the license to see for sure.