Hello colleagues!

I hope you will return to this new blog often as I search for resources that may be of use to you as you prepare to teach music this fall.  Please feel free to ask questions, offer suggestions, and share experiences here.

Here are a few of my favorite resources that I have come across so far…

Music Shake www.appolicious.com/curated-apps/301-music-education  This website was actually shared by one of you.  It is a fun site that allows students to electronically generate their own songs without either the teacher or the student needing to read music to do so.

Saskatchewan Music Educators Association elecqlx.sasktelwebhosting.com/smea/smea.html  This organization exists for music educators, and has many resources and links attached to the site.  I encourage you to become familiar with what this organization can do for and maybe even consider becoming a member so you can attend the wonderful conference they assist in hosting each fall.  This organization has funding available for various projects.  Check out their funding criteria and see if you can create a project that might be considered.  I am currently on the executive for the SMEA and so you can submit any project funding applications through me.

www.educatorstechnology.com/2012/10/great-educational-music-apps-for-your.html  This is a handy resource which highlights apps for a variety of types of music instruction.  I think you have to purchase this one, however, this guide saves a lot of research into looking for apps yourself.


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