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This is quite an interesting website where students can upload their own compositions and recordings for other students to listen to and provide feedback in return.  Can you imagine students seeking out feedback and also providing it to other students around the world?  What a project idea…students could record and upload a project, and perhaps research and analyze themselves through journalling to track if the feedback they receive helps them or not, and likewise could do a listening review of another person’s project and track whether or not the feedback they seem to provide is helping the other person improve or not.  Students would learn so much about what is useful feedback and what is not which could transfer into their own understanding of what they are learning in music themselves.  The numu site is also highly engaging and motivating for students, not to mention just good old fashioned fun!

 Find below apps of the day that you may find useful if you have iPads or iMacs

playpad pro. Music Theory Stave Instrument.

By Musical Trixstar

Open iTunes to buy and download apps.


The playpad is a musical instrument in its own right bringing to life the musical stave making it fun for everyone to learn and play music.

Fun Features Include:
* Record your song & export
* 15 Backing tracks to play along with
* Transpose into C, F, Bb, Eb & A
* Key signatures up to 7 sharps & 7 flats
* 5 Voices – Piano, Strings, Guitar, Organ & Electric Guitar
* Treble & Bass Clef
* Play chords & melodies
* Listen to an iTunes song & play along

The ingenious concept of playing the musical stave helps learners quickly understand the relationship between lines and spaces by physically playing the distances as chords or melodies in treble and bass clef.

Play tunes straight from the music onto the colourful stave and hear what it should sound like which is brilliant for beginners, instrumentalists and singers or find out the notes for a tune that’s in your head.

Play it at home or school and have a band of live musicians composing and playing together making it awesome fun for everyone.

If you need to see the notes then just turn them on and don’t forget to try a different key signature.

The playpad is touch sensitive. Tap with two fingers for a flat and three for a sharp. Enjoy!


playpad pro. Music Theory Stave Instrument.
Pretend the following app uses the word composition instead of “theory” because really that’s what these tutorials are doing, they teach kids and/or teachers the elements and tools that one can use to compose music.  What I really like about this app is that the videos are very brief, comical, easy to understand and they draw on many metaphors to other subject areas, such as relating construction of a melody to shapes and contours.  The Introductory level app is free and has several great lessons in it to build on, after that further tutorial sessions are about $10.  I really like these!

Music Theory Tutorials

Från Nonlinear Educating Inc.


If you don’t have a solid understanding of Music Theory, you can’t make solid music. This App teaches fundamental skills in song construction that every audio artist should know.

Divided into several modules you can download as needed, this App shows you how to make amazing music. You’ll learn how Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, and Song Form all combine to make a finished musical composition.

The secret sauce to hit songs is contained in this App. As time goes by, we’ll be adding more modules to this App to teach you higher skills in Music Theory, so download the App today and watch for updates!

For more information, visit macProVideo.com …



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Music Theory Tutorials

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