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Questions and Themes
Questions and Themes




Here is a snapshot of what I’ve been working on lately.  While we intend for a music program to emerge as we go through next year, I do want to give our teachers a few ideas to start with which I hope will serve simply as catalysts for other great ideas.  I am trying to think always in questions centered on a theme that students could explore.  In the photos above you can see a few questions I’ve started with and then described a variety of angles one could go to explore it.  I’ve also considered the other subject areas each particular question/theme could also link to.

Take a look, does it make sense?  Do you see music education here?  Does this get you thinking about some other ideas?


In addition, I’ve been looking at Orff instruments and ukelele’s.  So much to know about ukelele’s…I had no idea!  I have been busy researching the details of such instruments, quality, brand, tone quality, sizes, etc and have been getting quotes done up on various things.  I am excited to see how these resources get used next year!


Lastly, this past week I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to learn about a software program called Propellerhead Reason.  This is an electronic music production program which would be geared towards the high school level as it is quite complex.  This software is amazing in what it is capable of.  Any students that are into using technology would love this program and the creativity it allows one to have.  Check out this quick video (language warning) and you will get just a sense of what our students could be creating themselves next year…


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