Bucket Drumming

Lesson Plans and Resources 

Chemistry – Check out this student project on Atomic Structure for this chemistry-assignment made by a Dalmeny High student.

Music Monday Lesson Plan – ELA B10 – Equity and Ethics

Music Monday Lesson Plan – Arts Ed 10,20,30 – The Blues

Music Monday Lesson Plan – Science 20 – The Science of Sound

Music Monday Lesson Plan – Math Foundations 10 – The Fibonacci Sequence

Music Monday Lesson Plan – History 10 – The French Revolution

Great for music history and listening activities.

Lots of cross-curricula connections in the learning objectives

History Teachers – A great cross curricular resource.

Some really clever videos using popular music to teach important times in history. E.g. Lady Gaga and the French revolution

The Science Of Sound:

Individual Music Project:

Introductory lesson for What Is The Blues?  What Is The Blues

Introductory lesson for What Is Music?  What Is Music