Bucket Drumming

Lesson Plans and Resources 

Grade 8 Dalmeny High Student Composition https://mixcord.co/acapella/p/GkvQoDTBIvQsjOTvDE_RBg/

Grade 7-9 Introduction to Music Unit grade-7-9-arts-education-music-unit1

Grade 8 Music  grade-8-music-outcome-8-8

Grade 8 Intro to Rhythm grade-8-rhythmic-notation Notation Sample intro-to-rhythm-finale-parts  Pitch Sample introducingpitch

Grade 8 Graphic Notation graphic-notation-grade-8

List of great Rock Songs rock-songs-list

Need a fun activity or a sub plan? Try singo-bingo

Music Monday Lesson Plan – Grade 9 – Women Who Rock

Music Monday Lesson Plan – Grade 8 – Points of View

Music Monday Lesson Plan – Grade 7 – Segregation in N America

History Teachers – A great cross curricular resource.

Some really clever videos using popular music to teach important times in history. E.g. Lady Gaga and the French revolution

Great for music history and listening activities.

Lots of cross-curricula connections in the learning objectives

Instrument Building Supplies Musical Instrument Building Sample Supply List

The Science Of Sound:

Introductory Lesson on What Is Music?  What Is Music

Introductory Lesson on What Is The Blues? What Is The Blues

Film and Music Project Meta-learning and ownership in a film music project

Personal Learning Development Mystery Activities to Develop Personal Learning and Thinking Skills and Functional Skills

Lesson Ideas  Music lesson activities middle years

Watch this Hepburn Grade 8 claymation movie featuring a story and musical soundtrack written and created entirely by students.  This movie is called Bear Hunting.