The Resonate Showcase is a multi-genre group of performers emerging out of Resonate initiatives.  The Resonate Showcase is proudly presented as a step out of the ordinary and after two years of development, this group is ready and able to perform and entertain broader audiences.  A set list from the Resonate Showcase consists of various small groups performing bucket drumming, hip hop, rock, pop, and wind ensemble music with staff collaborating alongside students on some songs.  The Resonate Showcase set list is entertaining, interactive, and engaging.

The Resonate Showcase has been acquiring performance experience at various school events, at the 2015 and 2016 Resonate Galas, and has tentative plans to tour in the future.  Though the Showcase is a young initiative, the Resonate staff team is confident these students can provide a quality musical performance and they look forward to performing for future audiences.

Recent Performances:

November 30th – Resonate Gala

March 27th – National Congress on Rural Education at TCU Place

  • Thank you to PSSD students: West Jazz, East Percussion Ensemble, R. V. (Dalmeny), Puppet (WWBrown), The Hepburn Hit Machine, and the PSSD House Band. Our Showcase students provided engaging and interactive entertainment for The National Congress on Rural Education at TCU Place on March 27th. They did a fantastic job at representing their PSSD schools! The student performers had audience members joining them on stage and had the crowd dancing, clapping, and singing along.

Upcoming Performances:

April 5th – Appetizer Concert for Resonate Student Music Conference, 6:00 pm at The Bassment

May 1st – Music Monday, details TBA