Emergency Response and Preparedness

We have robust plans in place in case of an emergency including fire, threats that may be present outside the building, or more serious threats that may be inside the building.  To practice responding to these threats, we have 3 types of drills throughout the year:

Fire Drills – students exit the building from the nearest entrance and muster in the Hall parking lot.  Once everyone is accounted for, we return to the school in an orderly fashion.

Hold and Secure Drill – any students or staff who are outside come in, we lock the exterior doors and learning activities continue on inside, as per usual.

Lock Down Drill – students move to safe spots within their classroom, teachers lock doors and pull blinds and students/staff wait for RCMP/administrator to open the door.  These drills are usually completed with RCMP participation.

We know that these drills have the potential to be scary for kids and we do everything we can to make sure that we practice the plan without focusing too much on what might be precipitating the plan.  Kids need to know what to do and that adults have the situation under control – this is the message we strive for when practicing drills with kids.

In the case of an emergency where we were evacuated from the school and parents needed to pick students up, we will communicate with you via text and email (using an Alert system we have) to let you know what’s going on.  Generally, we would ask parents to drive to the Equestrian Center, where we would have staff ready to greet you.   We would ask that you enter 2nd Ave from Rupert Street, (not Thompson Street) and stay in your car as you approach the Equestrian Center.  Our staff will come to the car, see who you are and your child will come from the Hall to your car.


Please always feel welcome to direct any questions you have about our emergency response preparedness planning to Mrs. Orth.

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