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Guskey, Thomas R., “The Case Against Percentage Grades” (2013). Educational, School, and Counseling
Psychology Faculty Publications. 22.

The Case Against Percentage Grades


What Does Prairie Spirit Believe About Percentage Grades?

Assessment one-pager – Percentage grades – Feb 2015 v2 0

Thoughtful Assessment with the Learner in Mind

Thoughtful Assessment with the Learner in Mind – Educational Leadership


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  • Tests and quizzes are the only way to make sure that our assessment is objective and fair.  All this other stuff is too objective.
  • Only test scores and marks motivate students
  • What about the students who don’t do anything in class throughout the term or semester?


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Examples from Other Saskatchewan Jurisdictions

Saskatoon Public School Division 

Regina Catholic School Division

North East School Division NESD ASSESS and EVAL Handbook September 2017


Assessment at the Post-Secondary Level

University of Alberta encouraging professors to consider alternatives to high stakes testing –


From U of A Grading and Assessment Policy


Saskatchewan Polytechnic Assessment Options


U of S –


No Final Exams, Common Breaks, and Chances to Re-do Tests.  Yes, this is Engineering.

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