Grade 9 Supply List

Grade 9 School Supply List 2023 – 2024

The following is a list of recommended school supplies for the upcoming school year.  Many of these supplies you would have from previous years and need not be new.

1. Several blue and red pens

2. Erasers and white out

3. 40 Pencils and Pencil Case

4. Ruler and Protractor

5. Scissors and Glue Sticks

6. 3‑hole loose leaf paper (500 sheets)

7. 3 ring binders (zippered) and subject dividers   

8.  2 duotangs – 3 hole prong              

9. Pencil Crayons (there are several assignments that require pencil crayons.)

10. Calculator – a scientific one (not a cell phone please).

11. High lighters (several colors are used for teaching study strategies)

12. Gym bag, gym wear (gym shorts and t-shirt, socks, running shoes, deodorant)         

13. One box of “Kleenex” – much appreciated.

14. Earbuds/headphones

15. Sketch book – they can re-use the one that they had this year.  5”x7”(approx.) in size – does not have to be expensive.