Extra Curricular

Delisle Composite is a busy school with numerous opportunities for our students to be involved in.  We encourage students to pick one, two or more of these outlined activities and get involved!

SRC: Student Representative Council

Activity:  This group of students are responsible for the leadership of the student body at DCS.
Members:  All grade 7 to 12 students.
Season:  The entire school year.
Practice:  The leadership of this group is formed by Grade 12 students.  They are assisted by grade 11’s who automatically maintain their position the following year.  Each of the home rooms from grade 7 to 10 are represented by one member of their class.   The SRC organizes at least one school fund raiser with the main purpose to provide the student body with activities, purchase equipment or make school improvements.  In the past the SRC has organized activities to welcome new students and staff to DCS, Spirit Days, Gym Blasts, school dances and wake-a-thons.  They continue to try and support the Terry Fox Walk and the sale of poppies for the Delisle Legion.  This group has also supported Telemiracle, Saskatoon Food Bank, Interval House and Bridges.
Cost:  No cost to join. 


Activity:  Be a member of the Yearbook Staff as a writer, photographer, page developer, etc.
Age:  All Grades 7 – 12 students
Season:  This club runs the entire school year from September to June
Practice:  Once a week one day after school as chosen by the group, and any time we feel necessary.  Much of the work is done on the students’ own time.   There is a Yearbook Workshop offered by Jostens in the fall for the senior staff members, at no cost to them.
Cost:  There is no cost to being involved on the yearbook staff.

Library Club

Activity:  The Library club is an extra-curricular group for which a love of books and reading is preferred, but everyone is welcome! Students learn many new skills, such as shelving fiction and non-fiction, using library software to check out and sign in books, creating displays and bulletin boards, to name a few. As well, students have input in ordering materials for the library; this often includes a field trip to McNally Robinson to purchase fiction, non-fiction and graphic novels. We discuss what series’ are popular and what kids are reading. Book club is also a part of what we do (usually once or twice a year) – we all read a book and then meet over a potluck lunch to discuss. Also, we occasionally watch “books turned into movies” on the screen in the library!
Age:  Grades 7-12
Season:  This club runs entire school year
Meetings:  Once per week
Cost:  No cost to join


Activity:  Competition in a division tournament, with a chance for the Senior Team to attend Provincials
Age:  Grades 7-12
Season:  September
Practice:  During summer, and personal time.  Could be one or two as a school team
Cost:  No team fee, but will have to pay green fees for each round

Cross Country Running

Activity:  Non track distance running of distances varying from 3 to 6 KM’s depending on age and gender
Age:  All Grades 7-12 can take part, only Grades 9-12 can qualify for the Provincial Meet
Season:  September into October.  Division meet usually held in the first week of October, Provincial Meet in Mid October
Practise:  Two to three per week at the school, some should be done on own time at home
Cost:  No team fee or cost for division meet.  There could be a cost associated with attending and transportation for exhibition meets and the transportation for the Provincial Meet

Senior Girls Soccer

Activity: We usually field a 7 vs. 7 team, but have in the past one 11 vs. 11. We focus on conditioning, improving soccer skills and having fun.
Age: Offered to girls in grades 9-12.
Season: September and October. Provincials are usually held the last Friday and Saturday of October.
Practice: We schedule 2 practices a week and at least one game per week. We play approximately 8 exhibition games per season, plus Regionals and possibly Provincials. Usually compete in one exhibition tournament per season.  Early morning practices may be required.
Cost:  $30.00 per athlete, which pays for our officials. We will also be doing a Bingo fundraiser to pay for new jerseys and equipment upgrades. We depend on parent volunteers to transport athletes to games. There may also be an extra cost associated with going to Provincials.

DCS Girls Volleyball

Activity: Girls competitive volleyball
Age:  Grades 7-12 (the girls will be split into age and skill appropriate groupings)
Season: September to the end of October (Senior girls could possibly go until mid to end of November)
Practice: One to two practices each week, as well as games during the week (usually once a week) and weekend tournaments when possible (most weekends for the senior girls’ team)
Cost: No team fee but girls will require transportation to and from games and tournaments, and players may be required to work a Bingo to help cover officiating, uniforms and equipment costs.

Junior Boys Volleyball

Activity: Junior boys volleyball team had a resurgence this past year. We played exhibition games in the area (Vanscoy, Perdue, Asquith) and didn’t enter in the league. For skill development and fun!
Age: Grades 7-9
Season: September to the first week in November
Practice: once a week, with exhibition games once a week (or as available)
Cost: no cost, except $10-15 for a t-shirt jersey that the boys can keep


Activity:  Student-athletes will learn the technical and tactical aspects of the sport of Football.
Age:  Grades 9-12
Season:  August – November
Practice:  Four practices per week and one to two noon hour film sessions.
Cost:  First year players pay $235. Second and third year players pay $200. Fourth year players pay $175. There will be additional bus travel costs which vary from year to year.


Activity:  Handbell music group, no prior music lessons/reading required! The group generally prepares music for the annual Legion Tea and Concert in November, and a school concert in December. Depending on interest, we have sometimes continued in the second semester with a spring concert.
Age: Grades 7-12
Season: late September to end of December, second semester if interested
Practice: once a week, 3:00 to 4:30, usually Tuesdays but the group decides
Cost: no cost


Activity: The choir group is for guys and girls who like to sing! We generally prepare some music for the Legion Tea and Concert in November, as well as Christmas music for a December concert. In previous years, we have continued in the second semester and competed in the Dalmeny music festival, although we have not done this for the last two years. We sing all kinds of music, depending on what the group is interested in!
Age: Grades 7-12
Season: late September to end of December, second semester if interested
Practice: noon hours, usually 1-2 times a week (sometimes more towards performances)
Cost: no cost

Jr. Girls Basketball

Activity:  Basketball practices, games and weekend tournaments
Age: Grades 7-9
Season:  Practices start in the 2nd or 3rd week of November with games usually starting in the last week of November or first week of December. The season runs through December and January with playoffs in the first weeks of February.
Practice:  Two times a week after school. Students are encouraged to spend some lunch hours practicing shooting or other skills.
Cost:  Fees are $100 per athlete (subject to change). This is used to cover the cost of officials for home games and tournament.

Jr Boys Basketball

Activity: Basketball practices, games and a possibility for weekend tournaments.
Age: Grades 7-9
Season:  Practices start in the 2nd or 3rd week of November with games usually starting in the last week of November or first week of December. The season runs through December and January with playoffs in the first weeks of February.
Practice:  Two times a week after school. Students are encouraged to spend some lunch hours practicing shooting or other skills.
Cost:  Fees are $25 per athlete (subject to change). This is used to cover the cost of officials for home games.

Sr. Girls Basketball

Activity:  Basketball practices, games and weekend tournaments
Age:  Grades 10-12
Season: Mid November to Mid March
Practices:  Generally we practice 3 days a week with one of these days possibly being a game . The majority of our games are played on weekend at tournaments. We usually play in 6 tournaments plus host one ourselves. We do leave school early on Fridays for the occasional tournament .
Team costs:  Last year we payed $150.00 to cover the cost of referees ,some mileage, score pads, medi kit supplies, and tape . Players were responsible for transportation to and from games/ tournaments. Carpooling was the norm.  We did fundraising which paid for hotel rooms and some mileage. At the end of last year $60.00 was reimbursed per player because we had funds left over.  All team clothing can be purchased through fundraising bingos if team members agree.

Senior Boys’ Basketball

Activity:  Competing against 1A to 4A schools across the province at various tournaments and single games to prepare for provincial playoffs.  Games tend to be during the week and we travel/host 5 to 6 weekend tournaments per season.
Age:  All grades 9-12 can take part, but 9’s usually play junior basketball.
Season: Late November to the middle of March.  The three rounds of provincial playoffs begin in mid March.
Practice:  Three per week at the school.
Cost: We charge a team fee of $175 which goes towards practice shorts and jersey, a team clothing item, team travel expenses, and officiating costs.  Players are also expected to pay for their own meals when we travel.  Each player has some fundraising responsibilities to take on to pay for our costs over and above what the fees cover.


Activity:  Work on basic curling skills.  Play 6-8 end games.
Age:  All Grades 7-12.  We can enter junior and senior mixed, girls and boys teams.
Season: January to March  Playoffs are in early Feb. (Seniors) and late Feb. /early March(Juniors)
Practice:  Two to three days a week.  Students are encouraged to join a league on their own time.
Cost:  No Direct cost.  Parents are needed to transport students to playoffs.


Activity:  Badminton practices, matches, and division meets.
Age:  Grades 7-12
Season:  Early to mid- March after basketball season has concluded. The season usually runs 4 weeks with division playoffs happening in early April.
Practice:  Two times a week after school.
Cost:  There is not a cost to join team, but students might need to supply own racquet and goggles

Track & Field

Activity: Sprints and distance runs include hurdles, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, and 3000m. Field events include shot put, javelin, discus, long jump, triple jump, and high jump.
Age Categories: Offered to both boys and girls from grade 6-12.
Senior – 16 and over as of August 31, start of school year.
Junior – under 16 as of August 31, start of school year.
Midget – under 15 as of August 31, start of school year.
Bantam- under 13 as of August 31, start of school year.
Season: We will begin pre-season conditioning late February for those wanting to start the season. Regular track practices begin mid April (after the April school break).  In May we will attend exhibition meet(s), host a local meet, and attend the CVAC conference and District meets. Grade 9-12 students may be eligible to compete at Provincials the first weekend in June.
Practice: We hold practices on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and we require students grade 10-12 to attend at least 2 per week. Track and Field is offered to Phys. Ed. Students in grade 7-9, however, we encourage these students to also attend practices regularly to be competitive.
Cost: We charge $10 per student who qualifies to compete at the Conference Meet in Saskatoon. This fee helps support upgrading equipment, the field, and possibly new singlets.

Prairie Spirit Film Festival

Activity: Each year PSSD encourages students to create films to enter in a student film festival. There are several categories such as movie trailer, music video, short films. A large amount of films are chosen to be shown at an evening gala held at the Roxy Movie Theater on the big screen!
Age: Grades 7-12
Season: Films are generally due in May, but can be created at any point during the school year. The gala evening is the first week of June.
Practice: Some films are made through school courses, but many students create their films on their own time.
Cost: no cost


Activity:  This club is organized to give students an opportunity to provide a service in the community and depending on the chosen trip, provide service in another country.  The members of the group who choose to, may participate in the trip scheduled for the Easter break.   This is a community based club that includes DCS students.
Age:  All Grade 9 – 12 students. (Grade 9 students are not permitted to travel in their Grade 9 year.)
Season:  The club runs the entire school year from September to June. Students have the opportunity to be a member of the club and fundraise for more than one year for their trip.
Practice:  Students will be given numerous opportunities to fundraise, with the money earned going towards their trip.  Meetings are held every second month, or as needed.
Cost:  There is no cost to be a member of the Service Club.  If you are intending on traveling with the group the cost of the trip is the student’s responsibility. Fundraising is a very helpful option.
The 2015 Service Club Trip is to Costa Rica. The cost of this trip is approximately $3,500.00.  If you would like more information on this trip, or future trips, please contact Mrs. Oviatt or Mrs. Hundeby.


Activity:  A twelve day Student group trip to a foreign continent. Some recent trips have been to Europe, China, Australia, and Scandinavia. This is a community- based trip that includes DCS students.
Age:  Grades 10-11 are eligible to travel. Trip planning and sign up usually occurs during grade 9 year.
Season:  Easter break.
Practice:  Three parent/student meetings prior to the trip.
Cost:  The cost varies from year to year.