School Community Council

SCC Elections on Wednesday, Dec 9 @ 4:30

Our SCC Elections will be held on Dec 9 and if you are would like to join please contact DCS to get your nomination form.
If you have any questions regarding the SCC please contact Kirk Schlosser at

What is an SCC?

An SCC is a school – based advisory body that involves parents, students, community members and school staff and administration, working together on issues that affect student learning and community well being.

“SCCs are required in every school and develop a sense of shared responsibility for student outcomes.”

SCCs work with parents and community members to:

· share responsibility for the success and well-being of ALL students, and

· encourage parent, community and student engagement in school planning and improvement.

Research shows that students have greater success when parents are engaged and involved at the school level supporting their students learning.

Your current SCC strongly believes in the power of communication and parent engagement. For our part we are encouraging our DCS families to join the upcoming SCC social media groups. These are intended to help keep you up to date on SCC/DCS happenings. Every SCC meeting is open and welcomes participants at any time. If you would like to be a part of our DCS SCC or have questions, concerns or comments feel free to contact me at 306-371-5646 or anytime.

Lori Neault- DCS SCC Chairperson

Members of DCS SCC

· Lori Neault – Chairperson

· Rosemary Britton – Vice Chair

· Shannon Wright – Secretary

· Bonnie Ross

· Bob McCrea

· Carole Gallagher

· Kirk Schlosser (DCS Principal)

· Josh Hindmarsh (DCS Vice Principal)

· Alternating Staff Member

· SRC Representative