School Community Council

What is a School Community Council? Every school in Saskatchewan has a School Community Council that advises the School Division and is mandated to support parent and community involvement in the school. The SCC also plays an important role in reviewing extra-curricular activities as well as approving school fees and fundraising activities.

Each SCC is made up of people just like you… parents of students or any community members at large, plus school administration, teachers and students. It really does ‘take a vilage to raise a child’. The current Delisle Composite SCC has a new look, with almost all members having come on board in just the last year and we are excited to be involved at DCS.

Our new Communications Committee is working to improve communication between the school and the community. We are also working to establish two other committees, one to promote Health & Physical Activity and another to promote Literacy and the Arts. If you have any interest or expertise that could assist us in these endeavours we welcome your input, suggestions or participation. If you would like to be involved in shaping the direction the school takes, we have room for up to 3 more members. If you or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at 306-281-4111 any time or

Ken Sowter Chair – DCS SCC

Members of our SCC:

  • Ken Sowter – Chairperson
  • Shelley Sowter – Vice-Chair
  • Shannon Wright – Sec./Treas.
  • Carey Rigby-Wilcox
  • Tara Kormish
  • Kirk Schlosser (DCS Principal)

2016-17 School Year


2015-16 School Year

SCC Meeting Schedule
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