Healthy Eating and Nutrition Policy

We, at Dundurn School, believe good nutrition is important in growth, development and learning. The absence of nutrition results in students being restless, irritable and tired. Recent studies show children who eat healthy amounts of good food:

  • Have improved attendance in school.
  • Have better concentration, improved memory, and reduced fatigue and irritability.
  • Perform better in school, especially in math and reading.
  • Have better self esteem and decreased anxiety, depression, and hyperactivity.

Dundurn School is a member of the Child Nutrition and Development Program. As such, we promote good nutrition practices for children. Students also receive classroom instruction on nutrition and healthy eating involving the effective use of the Canada Food Guide.

Dundurn School aims to promote healthy eating and nutrition within the school. Thus, we ask parents not to send unhealthy snack, food or beverages to school with their child. This includes high fat, high sugar food and drinks, for example, cookies, potato chips, chocolate bars and candy and pop. Our aim is to provide an optimal learning environment for our students and healthy eating and nutrition is a key component.

For further information regarding healthy eating and nutrition, please visit the Canada Food Guide Website.