March 2011 Grade 3&4 News

We have moved…again…back into our freshly painted classroom! The grade 3/4 class did an amazing job at being flexible and adaptable during the painting process! We are glad to be back in our spiffy new digs! Here’s a peak at what else we’ve been up to…

ELA: We finished up Mr. Popper’s Penguins! A special thank you to the grade 4s for working with their grade 3 partners. You did an amazing job! We have been working very hard on our creative writing, and will be beginning a new novel study, soon. In grammar we have been learning about pronouns and fine-tuning our proofreading.

Math: Both the grade 3s and 4s are working on measurement units right now. Please help them to practice telling time on an analog clock, counting forward on backward on the calendar by days, weeks and months and using a ruler.

Science: We’re still working on rocks and minerals. We also have a wonderful field trip coming up on the 24th to the Little Green Thumbs Expo!

Arts-Ed: We have made some wonderful studies in contrast lately, as well as building some amazing leprechaun traps.

We are really looking forward to demonstrating some our skills at our student lead interviews next week. This is a new interview format for us should be interesting!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!