May 2011 Grade 3&4 News

Can it really be true? Has spring finally started to…well…spring? I sure hope so! The grade 3/4 class is looking forward to a very busy month. Here’s how it’s shaping up:

ELA: Since we have finished our spelling lessons, we have decided to work together to develop our own spelling lists. This will help improve our vocabularies as well. We have begun practicing making inferences while we read – using clues we find in the text, illustrations and our sche- ma. We continue to practice our creative writing often and we finished up How to Eat Fried Worms before the break. We plan to combine some of our ELA time with Social Studies as we learn about the pioneers and First Nations people in early Canada.

Math: The grade 3s are working on multiplication and division. The grade 4s are working on decimals and will soon move on to multiplication and division of longer numbers. Please don’t forget that you have access to from your home computer! This is a great way to practice and develop skills.

Social Studies: As mentioned above, we’ve started a unit on pioneers and First Nations People. We are really looking forward to having Ms. Rancourt come in and share with us about be- ing Metis.

Arts-Ed: We’re doing some dramatic Reader’s Theatre – lots of fun! We also recently completed some really neat colour wheels.

Phys.-Ed: We’re finishing up badminton and working on developing our running endur- ance. We’re also looking forward to our swimming lessons later this month. Please note that the dates have changed for swimming. We are now swimming May 24th and 25th.

On May 31st we are headed to the WDM for Pioneer Days in the morning and Flip Gymnastics for the afternoon – should be a lot of fun!

Thank you very much to the second group for sending our Easter potluck lunch! The students thoroughly enjoyed it – I was informed by several that more potlucks would ensure that my future students always like me!

Take care!