June 2011 Grade 3 & 4 News

I can hardly believe that we are in our last month of school! Time really does fly when you’re having fun! It has been such a pleasure to work with this group of students again this year. They are a funny, caring and a very capable bunch of individuals. I am definitely going to miss them! I would also like to say how great it has been getting to know all you parents. I have appreciated your support, advice and patience during our time together. I wish you all a wonderful summer and good luck during the 2011-2012 school year.
June will be a busy time, so bear with us, and feel free to call or write anytime with questions or concerns.

Here’s what we have on the go right now:
ELA – We are doing lots or writing during ELA. We are also working on our pioneers unit. Our last few spelling tests have been interesting – the kids get to pick the words. We’re hop- ing that this helps us to expand our vocabularies. We are also preparing feverishly for our Literacy Fair on June 23!
Social Studies – As afore mentioned, we are working on our pioneers unit. It was SO great to get to Pioneer Days at the WDM and actually try out some of the chores we have been read- ing about. Milking a cow is not as easy as it sounds! We are really looking forward to doing some beadwork with Ms. Rancourt during the First Nations portion of this unit.
Math – The grade 4s are working on long division and multiplication of longer numbers. The grade 3s have finished up multiplication and division and have moved on to data management. Please see the attached calendar for upcoming test dates.
Phys-Ed – We’ve been practicing some soccer skills as well as a few track and field events. We’re also doing some swimming lessons.
Science à Each student is researching the topic of their choice for a “Did You Know” book.